Juniors in Training

JTs is a youth leadership program for high-school students in Years 8 and 9. The program is designed for students who would like to develop their leadership skills, grow in their Christian faith, learn more about what it means to serve God while making great friends along the way.

The program has 3 main parts. Students will:

  • Attend our 4 JT nights when we will have dinner and a time of training. These will be held twice in terms 2 and 3, typically mid-term on a Thursday night, 5pm-9pm.
  • Be a helper on the Kedron Primary Camp in July,
  • Have a mentor who will stay in touch with them through the year

How to apply
Applications for our 2021 JTs intake are now open and need to be submitted by February 7. To apply please download and complete the Application form and send to Camp Kedron (registrations@campkedron.com or by post: 7 Emmaus Rd, Ingleside 2101). Spots in the JTs program will be limited and students will be assessed on their suitability for the program. To be accepted students must be regularly attending a church or youth group (a referee from your church/youth group is required).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Program last for?
The JTs program runs for 1 year over terms 2 and 3. Students who complete the program when they are in Year 8 have the option to continue the program when they are in Year 9.

Do I have to take part in all parts of the program?
Yes, all students are expected to take part in all parts of the program, including attending the once-a-term JT nights.

Who will be the mentors?
The mentors in the program will be experienced Camp Kedron leaders who have led on multiple camps at Kedron.

How will the mentors stay in touch with the students?
The mentors will see the students at the once-a-term JT nights. They will also stay in touch with the students during the term through phone and WhatsApp messenger, and meet up with the students if the parents/carers are permitting and the student would like to do this. Parents/carers will be aware of all contact mentors have with students.

How will the students be involved in the July Primary Camp?
Students will come as helpers on the July Primary Camp in the July holidays. Their tasks may include helping behind the scenes, setting up activities, helping in the kitchen, being part of the camp meetings, also helping to organise and run an activity. This is all designed to help students learn servant leadership and what it is like being a leader on camp. Students may or may not stay onsite during the camps, depending upon space.

Is there a cost?
The costs to be part of the JTs program are the camp fee for the July Camp ($200) and for a camp t-shirt ($15).

Who should I contact if I have any questions?
Any questions please contract Bruce Marlin at Camp.