Leadership Training Week (Jan 5-10, 2020) is a camp for students in years 10-12 who have demonstrated leadership potential and are interested in becoming camp leaders at Camp Kedron.

This is a week of learning, serving and growing, as well as enjoying the friendships and wonderful camp community that makes Camp Kedron so special.

Students will help in the running of the primary-school day camp through the day (Kedron Adventure), interacting with the children and assisting in running the program and activities. In the evenings we will have own times of activities, Bible studies and training.


+ Year 10-12 (in 2020)
+ Demonstrated maturity as a camper while on camp
+ Regularly attends a church or youth group.

Dates and Price
Students arrive on Sunday January 5th  at 2:30pm, and leave on Friday, January 10th at 11am.
The price is $240.

Application form
Places in Leadership Training Week are limited and students will be assessed on their suitability.

To apply, complete the online form before. We will notify you as soon as practical as to whether you have been accepted on Leadership Training Week. If you are successful, we will advise you of the next steps regarding your application and payment etc.


Application form - Leadership Training Week


    Please give the details of 1 referee who know you well and who we can contact if needed (e.g. camp leader, youth pastor).