Our purpose

Camp Kedron is operated by United Christian Youth, to provide a non-profit, non-denominational, non-political environment to serve the following purposes:

  • Organise camps so as to provide opportunities for young people to have social contact, physical exercise and spiritual development.
  • Combat the prevalent community trend towards juvenile delinquency by providing positive activities into which the energy of youth can be profitably directed, through physical and spiritual education.
  • Organise activities that will encourage youth in Christian service, fellowship, loyalty, friendship and leadership.
  • Providing facilities whereby young people can learn about the salvation provided in the Lord Jesus Christ and develop obedience, discipline, tolerance, self-respect and all that tends to true Christian living.
  • Assisting anyone who is impoverished, suffering distress of misfortune, physically or intellectually handicapped, and
  • To generally provide services and activities of benefit to the community.


As a Christian Campsite we hold to the following beliefs:

  • That the Bible is God’s inspired Word to us. It is without error in everything it declares and is our authority for life and faith.
  • That the Lord our God is one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and that He fulfills His sovereign purposes by calling out from the world a people united to Himself and to each other in love.
  • That God had made every person in His own likeness and image, but we have sinned and come short of His glory.
  • That the Father in His grace has shown us His love by giving us Jesus Christ, His only Son. Whoever places their trust in Him will be saved and made right with Him.
  • That Jesus Christ is Lord and God. He was born of the virgin Mary, as a servant, sinless and full of grace and truth. He died on the cross in our place, redeeming us from the grip and punishment of sin. He rose back to life and will one day return in glory and judgment to establish His kingdom.
  • That the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and directs sinners to turn to Christ in repentance. He is present within all believers, and makes every believer partake in the life of the risen Christ.
  • That marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman that is the only God-ordained context for sexual relations. Marriage points us to eternal marriage of Jesus and His bride the Church.