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  • If there are other campers who you would like to be roommates with, please list them here. Unfortunately we can't guarantee roommates, but we will make every effort.
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  • Medical / Safety / Wellbeing information

    We would like to assure you that this information is required only so that we can provide your child with the utmost care. The information will be treated as confidential and will in no way affect your child’s acceptance to camp.
  • Please select the number beside the camper's name on the Medicare card.
  • Please use the format mm/yyyy
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For example: Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Asthma, ADD / ADHD, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Sleepwalking, Bed wetting, etc.
  • Please ensure all medication is handed to the camp nurse on arrival.
  • Photo / Video permission

    Do you agree to permit the use of photographs and videos of the applicant camper, in promoting Camp Kedron activities and programs? This may include publishing the photos on the Camp Kedron official website and on the Camp Kedron's official Facebook page.
  • Booking conditions

    I understand that places on Camp Kedron Holiday Camps are limited and that a place cannot be regarded as secured until I have received a confirmation of booking from Camp Kedron. I understand that camp fees are non-refundable once a place has been confirmed. If my child is unable to attend camp due to unforeseen circumstances, I will contact Camp Kedron as soon as possible to enable my child’s place to be made available to others.
  • Acknowledgement / Authorisation

    In registering my child for a Camp Kedron holiday camp I acknowledge and understand that: Whilst at camp everything practicable will be done to ensure the comfort and safety of my child, and whilst due care will be taken by Camp Kedron / United Christian Youth Inc and its leaders and employees, they will not incur responsibility for any accident or sickness, or loss / damage to property, which may occur through any circumstance. Should Camp Kedron staff or leaders consider that my child requires first aid or minor medical treatment (including oral analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines and wound care), I consent to them providing such treatment with due care. In the event of more significant accident or illness, all practicable effort will be made to communicate with me. If such communication cannot be made, I authorise the Camp Director to consent to my child receiving such medical treatment as deemed appropriate by a treating doctor or paramedic. Camp Kedron does not permit the use of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and smoking on camp. If, in the opinion of the Camp Director it is deemed necessary for my child to return home due to illness or injury, or due to behaviour deemed unacceptable or inappropriate, I will arrange for my child to be collected as soon as practicable.
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  • I have read, and agree to, the Booking Conditions and Acknowledgement / Authorisation agreement.
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