For generations young people have packed their sleeping bags and their pillows under their arms and left home for a week away at camp. There’s something so special about leaving the distractions and busyness of home (siblings and mobile phones!), and coming to camp.

Camp is a place of community. Campers stay together in cabins, they have meals together, they play games together, sing, discuss, laugh and cry together. It’s a place where they experience fun and friendships, while exploring the issues of life that matter to them.

Research shows that many of our young people of today struggle with a sense of hopelessness and a lack of meaning in life. They struggle with loneliness, brokenness, addictions and a belief that they are worthless.

We believe that camping is a life-changing experience because of the caring, genuine community that it creates. On camp, campers find acceptance, encouragement, genuine friendships and great role-models. Our hope is that every camper who comes will have an awesome week of fun, but also discover that they are loved by God and have value and purpose in life.