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Does your site have wheelchair access?

Camp Kedron is set on a hill so unfortunately wheelchair access is limited in areas. Use of a car is required for guests in a wheelchair to move between certain points because of the steepness of slopes. We realise this makes our site difficult for guests in wheelchairs. We ask that guests coming who will […]

Do you have camps for young people with a disability?

Camp Kedron runs 3 camps a year for young people with an intellectual disability. Life Exchange is a 4 day camp in the April School holidays for campers aged 15-21. Campers with a special need are buddied with another camper and have a great time doing activities, games, crafts and singing. Registrations for this camp […]

Do you have a child safety policy?

Yes, Camp Kedron has a Child Safety Policy, and all of our leaders are trained in how to ensure the safety and well-being of all children while at camp. Our Child Safety Officer is Bruce Marlin. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s safety at Camp […]

How can I raise a concern about camp?

If you have any concerns or feedback regarding camps, please contact the Child Safety Officer: Bruce Marlin (0492 901 678) or via the contact page on this website.

How can campers be contacted?

Parents can call campers on the main camp line: 0492 901 678. If the camper is not in the immediate vicinity, we will pass a message on to them and they can call back from the camp phone. Some younger children can be prone to home-sickness, so we encourage parents to let the child settle […]

Why can’t I bring my mobile phone on camp?

We’ve found that if you have your mobile phone on you, you will be missing out! You won’t be engaging in the camp activities, you’ll be distracted, and it will take away from the friendships you can have with the other campers on camp. For these reasons we don’t allow mobile phones on camp.

Should I bring pocket-money to camp?

At camp we have more than enough tasty food, so you won’t be hungry! We do though go on outings during the week, where campers will have an opportunity to buy a snack or an ice-cream. We suggest therefore that campers can bring a small amount of pocket money to camp. When you arrive we […]

What is the Christian component of the camp?

Each morning we have about 15 minutes of singing and then a Bible talk for around 20 minutes. During the camp we also have small-group times where campers discuss Biblical and life issues with their leaders in their cabin groups.

Will I be able to be in a cabin with my friends?

We make every effort to put you in the same cabin as your friends. On the application form please mention the names of the friends who you would like to room with. Please note that if you are accepted onto camp from the waiting list or just a day or 2 before camp, it will […]

What are the sleeping arrangements at camp? What is the accommodation like?

Campers sleep in 10-bed cabins. The cabins are comfortable and newly renovated. Each cabin is equipped with showers and toilets that provide full-privacy. We have heating in the cabins, although in the winter months they can still get cool at night. In each cabin there are 6-8 campers and 2 leaders. The 2 leaders sleep […]